Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DID YOU KNOW?… September 2015



…  Classes for the 2015-2016 school year resumed here in August, and we all offer our prayers for a successful school year for the teachers, staff and students … In addition, we covet your prayers for a successful and exciting season of AWANA programs provided to the local youth here at Hilltop Chapel.  These after school programs are scheduled to begin in September, and we thank all the volunteers who give of their time and talents to provide this worthwhile program for our youth.  We shape tomorrow’s world by what we teach our children today, and if children are to find their way to God, we must point the way …  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many families in western states who have been effected by raging wildfires this summer, many losing their homes, businesses, and even their lives.  This long, hot, dry summer has taken a toll on many of us, and experts warn to be vigilant and be prepared for possible evacuation, while at the same time focusing on trying to relieve stress and improve our health.  The air in our local communities has often been very unhealthy, with warnings to stay indoors when possible.   “The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we inhabit are not only critical elements in the quality of life we enjoy – they are a reflection of the majesty of our Creator.”  -- Rick Perry  …  We want to thank all the brave firefighters for their efforts in preserving our quality of life here in the Sierra foothills.  We pray for their safety as they risk their lives daily to protect our neighborhoods.   As August draws to a close, weathermen are predicting cooler temperatures and more humidity, but also stronger winds which could prove to be a challenge to the firefighting efforts.  Currently, over 66,000 acres have burned in the ‘Rough’ fire just to the east of us in areas between Hume Lake and Pine Flat Lake.  Some homes and camps are even now being threatened, and warnings of evacuations have been given.  The fire is now 25% contained, and over 2,000 personnel are assigned to this fire.  Many crews from out of town and out of state have arrived to the ever growing encampment and Command Center set up in Squaw Valley to assist on this fire, and we appreciate their sacrifices being away from their homes and families.  Times like these show God’s greatness in providing for our needs.  We praise Him and know that faith in God includes faith in His timing … A Baptism class was held in August, with another one scheduled in September.  Because of the ‘Rough’ fire’s close proximity, our Annual Baptism service, normally held at Hume Lake, will need to be moved this year, and further information on the location will be announced next month … The Women’s Retreat will be held at Hartland Christian Camp next month on September 18, 19 and 20 … The Hilltop Chapel Cookbook is available for purchase, with the proceeds going toward our children’s AWANA Club.  Many thanks to Paula Aliano for gathering all the information … As seen on a church sign, a good message for hot summer days:  “Need a lifeguard?  Ours walks on water.”  …  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Remember, amateurs built Noah’s ark, professionals built the Titanic  …  God isn’t an option, He’s a necessity!  …  **Be sure to check out our Hilltop Chapel’s web site on the Internet at www.hilltopchapel.org.   You will find useful information about our church as well as our monthly Newsletter there.  There is also a place to post your prayers, links to our various ministries, missions, clubs and interest groups, and videos of the Pastor’s sermons.

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