Saturday, October 17, 2015

DID YOU KNOW?... October 2015

         DID YOU KNOW…  ?  
 October 2015

Many events this month had to be cancelled or postponed due to the ever enlarging local ‘Rough’ fire and the thick smoke in the air and evacuation warnings and orders. 

Thankfully, by the end of September, most everyone in our local communities who had been evacuated had been allowed to return to their homes, businesses and normal lives.  We are all very thankful to the brave firefighters and support crews who fought valiantly to save our communities.  Even during the Rough fire, other smaller wild fires were breaking out nearby, including the ‘Creek’ fire near Sand Creek and Squaw Valley Road, which burned 170 acres, but was contained quickly.  Our roads and skies were kept very busy with multiple trucks, trailers, fire engines, helicopters, bulldozers, water tenders and air tankers.   Those in charge kept us all up to date by conducting Community Meetings throughout the length of the fire, which began on July 31 with a lightning strike, and was the largest fire in California.  Currently, 4 structures were lost and 12 firefighters were injured and recovered, with 151,623 acres burned.  The fire is now 85% contained, with the total personnel working on the fire down from over 3,000 to only 344, mainly mopping up the hot spots and observing for flare-ups.   In just a few days, the entire Incident Command Center set up in Squaw Valley to assist on this fire was broken down, moved out and cleaned up.   They all did an amazing job and should be praised for what they have done for us and other communities in this state.   Please remember to pray for their safety and to pray for rain to help reduce our fire risk which continues  ...  Dale Anderson from the Cat Haven in Dunlap reported that thankfully all his cats, big and small, survived the evacuation with anesthesia, reversal, and transport to and from many other sanctuaries and zoos up and down the state.   The property suffered some damage and will need a lot of costly repairs.  Dale is asking for donations from the public to help them out  …  Evangel Home recently celebrated their 60th year of Ministry with a Diamond Jubilee Banquet.  Close to 480 people attended this blessed event.  They were able to raise close to $50,000.00 due to the generosity of so many, a tribute to its dedicated supporters and leadership.  We congratulate them and wish them many more years of blessings  …  Our annual Baptism service was also postponed due to the closure of Hume Lake.  So, on September 27, between 35 to 40 faithful followers gathered at the home of Dale and Linda Irion to celebrate and enjoy an afternoon of fellowship on a beautiful sunny day.  We welcome our newly baptized brothers and sisters, Sandy Bower, Theresa Bower, Katy Bower, Donna Stieber, Laura Bel-Gia, Mike Obosky, Peggy Obosky, Elaine Obosky and Paige Brunkhorst, to the family of God.  Their baptism declared their faith, shared Christ’s burial and resurrection, symbolized death to their old life and announced their new life in Christ.  We thank the Irion’s for their cordial hospitality …  The Teen Mountain Ministry is having their Yard Sale on October 3 at the home of Kaysia and David Barr across from the Miramonte Post Office.  Plan to attend and find that special treasure you seek  …  Remember, October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Encourage your shepherd.  Do your best to make his work a joy  …   Something to ponder:  Why do we swear on the Bible in courtrooms, when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed outside?  …  Be sure to check out our Hilltop Chapel’s web site on the Internet at  

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