Saturday, January 9, 2016

DID YOU KNOW… ? (December 2015)

DID YOU KNOW…  ?   (December 2015)

The joy that you give others is the joy that comes back to you  …  We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and celebration of Jesus’ birth  …  The ladies of Helping Hands met for their Christmas Meeting, Bible Study and Potluck at the lovely home of Paula Aliano.  The ladies always enjoy gathering in her home, feeling the warmth and gracious hospitality to lift spirits and increase the joy of the holidays.  They sang Christmas carols, enjoyed a delicious meal, and exchanges Christmas gifts.  Thank you Paula! (and Craig, Eddie & Lucy) …  The Teen Mountain Ministry held their Christmas Meeting and lunch on the 12th  with a white elephant gift exchange.  It was reported that ten teens came to enjoy the festivities and help to build gingerbread houses with kits provided the Bruno family.  Thank you Bruno and Colleen and your family for inspiring the youths to be the very best they can.  Everyone had such a good time this year, maybe they will repeat this tradition next year …  The Hilltop Chapel Official Board Christmas Dinner was held at Twin Valleys this month.  Everyone who attended had a great time visiting, catching up, and exchanging stories, and of course sharing an enjoyable meal together.  A wonderful fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters  …  It was announced during Sunday Service that, as of December 17, Pastor Rod has been serving as our ‘good shepherd’ now for 20 years here at Hilltop Chapel – reason to celebrate, thank him, and wish him many more successful years guiding people to Christ and being our teacher, guide, friend and counselor  …  Christmas is the heart of God revealed, the grace of God provided, and the peace of God received …  The Hilltop Chapel Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange was a great success, and many of us now have new prayer partners for 2016.  If you missed this month’s festivities – plan to join us next year  …  Our New Year’s Eve Candlelight Service was attended by the faithful who were treated to an excellent sermon and wonderful musical selections.  Two in particular were sung by Judy and Ivan Strayer and Pastor Rod (who wrote one of the songs himself --  “I’ve Found A Way”.)  A wonderful way to end the year and begin a new one as everyone exited the chapel with candle light – ‘It takes just one candle to spread a ray of light and to spark the memory of the night the Light of Heaven came to change our lives with love’  …  Have you thought about resolutions for the coming year?   Here’s one you might consider:  In the New Year, resolve to never miss an opportunity to say “I love you” to the people you care about because we aren’t promised a tomorrow will come.  Make all the good memories you can, because in the end we don’t decide which memories we keep.  Also, resolve to trust in the Lord, acknowledge God’s glory, praise Him, thank Him for His guidance throughout this past year, and live for God no matter what  …  **Be sure to check out our Hilltop Chapel’s web site on the Internet at   You will find useful information about our church as well as our monthly Newsletter there.  There is also a place to post your prayers, links to our various ministries, missions, clubs and interest groups, and videos of the Pastor’s sermons.  

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