Monday, January 4, 2016

DID YOU KNOW?... DEC. 2015

   What a busy month November turned out to be!  We had barely finished celebrating the success of
our Harvest Dinner and Auction, before the avalanche of other activities descended upon us.  We, as
usual, started the month with a really nice Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck in the church fellowship
hall.  We were actually supposed to have the meeting at Donna Stieber’s house, but water became an issue—and we’re not talking about the drought!  Donna came home one evening to ankle deep water
throughout her entire house due to a broken water line.  The ensuing cleanup is still ongoing.  She’s hoping to have things back to normal by Christmas….The Hilltop Singers began rehearsals for our Thanksgiving and Christmas presentations.  Judy (our music arranger/conductor) and Ivan Strayer
(Audio/Visual guru) found some really beautiful songs and the group is hard at work trying to master
them.  They added a new member—Isidro Bruno—to the ensemble this year and his voice adds some, much needed, male resonance to the mix.  Their first performance was for our Thanksgiving Worship Service and an appreciative audience received it warmly.  The total group numbers 6:  Ivan & Judy, Bonnie Lamar, Lesley Davison, “Bruno”, & Pastor Rod….We’ve been blessed to have, if only occasionally, Mel & Adeline Schellenberg back with us.  Adeline’s brother & sister-in-law, Sam & Marvis Bergen, have graciously agreed to drive them up the hill from Reedley as the schedule permits.
We’re always glad when Adeline is able to be with us to play the piano.  It really adds to our worship and, praise the Lord, she enjoys doing it….Lots of people have been traveling lately and, we’ll admit,
it’s a little hard to keep up with everybody!  We’re a little hazy on the dates, so this will not be in any
chronological order.  Quite frankly, some of these journeys may have happened in October, but it still counts as they didn’t appear in last month’s article.  Pascal & Kathy Williamson went on a cruise to Mexico’s “gold coast”—Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta—to celebrate son, Jason, & daughter-in-law, Hadiya’s, 10th anniversary.  Several others joined the voyagers, including nephew, Nathan Lovewell.
It was an eventful voyage, with lots of wonderful and a few, not so wonderful, memories.  What is the
first rule when visiting Mexico?  Don’t drink the water!  What is ice made of?  We’ll let you figure out
the “rest of the story”.  We are happy to report they all arrived home safely….Pastor Rod & Lesley, while nobody was looking, headed over to Monterey for Thanksgiving.  Their primary purpose was just a change of scenery, but the Monterey Aquarium was definitely on the agenda.  They stayed at a very nice Victorian style inn, just a couple of blocks from Cannery Row.  It was within easy walking distance to most of the “tourist” attractions in town.  The highlight of the aquarium visit had to be the otter exhibit.  Just watching the furry rascals frolic through the water is fascinating.  When feeding time came, so did most of the tourists, but listening to their story as told by one of the trainers, was absolutely amazing.  Then again, we’re talking about one of God’s unique creations, so it’s not surprising.  If you haven’t been to Monterey lately, Pastor Rod & Lesley recommend it highly….The annual Hilltop Chapel Thanksgiving Dinner was, in a word, fantastic!  The turkeys, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauces, rolls, and—desserts were all delicious.  Around 100 people enjoyed the food—primarily—and much good fellowship for a good portion of the afternoon.  We did notice several folks leaving the premises with “doggie bags” suitable for an army!
Much thanks and praise go to Theresa Pike, Shirley Lawrence, Colleen Bruno, Lynn McGowan, Lee McComb and a bunch of others who pitched in at the last minute to make sure that everything went

smoothly.  Many thanks to all those who cooked, baked, and brought dishes for our enjoyment….   

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