Monday, February 15, 2016

DID YOU KNOW… ? January 2015


The local ladies made the trek down the hill to Penny Burgin’s lovely home in Squaw Valley for January’s Helping Hands gathering.  We thank her for her generous hospitality and Pastor Rod for his ever faithful weekly Bible Study … The foothill youths gathered at Hilltop Chapel on January 12th for the first AWANA meeting of the New Year, and it was Donut Night – sounds yummy.  Lesley Davison reported that an average of 18 children still attend the weekly AWANA meetings during the school year, and future plans look bright with the help of the proceeds from the sale of Hilltop Chapel cookbooks donated by Helping Hands … The Teen Mountain Ministry reported a good turnout for the Christian Concert in the valley in January,  and have many good plans for the year, including fundraisers with a bake sale and yard sale.  They recently gathered for a ‘build your own taco’ meeting which everyone enjoyed …  The church buildings are in need of repair and plans are currently being made to take care of the repairs and cleaning.  We thank all those who have participated in keeping the church clean and repaired.  The trustees and their helpers have done a great job …  Faith in God includes faith in His timing    When you are down to nothing, God is up to something ….  The local men gathered for their monthly Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship, and there was reported to be a very good turnout, with everyone working together to guarantee a great time for all    Those that came to the Hilltop Fellowship Hall for “Supper and a Movie Night” on the 24th were treated to a very special evening.  Theresa Pike and Pastor prepared a delicious meal for us, after which we all enjoyed a tremendously inspirational movie entitled “War Room”.   We wish more people could have seen this movie that night, and we highly recommend EVERYONE see it.  It reminded us to clean out our “closet” and create a “prayer room” to bring ourselves closer to God and allow Him to fight the good fight.  This simple prayer could represent the overall theme of the movie:  “In the mighty name of Jesus, and through the Power of His Blood, Satan is hereby evicted from my home, my family, my job, my life and my future. -- Amen” Hope to see more of you there next month …   As seen on a church sign:   “Keep on using my name in vain and I’ll make rush hour longer – God”    Our annual Church Business Meeting and Elections were held on the 31st  and was well attended.  Please pray for our new and returning Board members    The same day, we also welcomed eight new members to the Family of Christ at Hilltop Chapel, and extended our hand in fellowship and gave them all a hearty welcome …  Unity in spirit and purpose turns a body of believers into a force for righteousness …  Being a Christian isn’t easy, but the retirement plan is amazing    Those generous and faithful members who provide the delicious snacks after each Sunday service deserve our thanks for their faithfulness and generosity    There were so many illnesses and injuries in December and January.  Let’s all pray for a safe, healthy and happy 2016 ….    **Be sure to check out our Hilltop Chapel’s web site on the Internet at   You will find useful information about our church as well as our monthly Newsletter there.  There is also a place to post your prayers, links to our various ministries, missions, clubs and interest groups, and videos of the Pastor’s sermons. 

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