Monday, May 2, 2016

DID YOU KNOW… ? Februaryl 2016


The month of February began snowy and cold, having snowed at least a foot in places on Sunday as we were leaving church, with quite a few reported incidents of locals getting stuck on the road and in their driveway.  Beautiful to look at, but sometimes treacherous to drive in, with chains required going up into the State Park.   The snow level lowered to 1600 feet, and the snow on the ground in some areas lasted for about a week, then spring burst forth with warming temperatures and a very DRY month.  The colorful wild flowers and blossoms on the drive down the mountain were on display and even more brilliant each time we went.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.  Thankfully the weather experts are forecasting a wet March so hopefully we will get the rain we so desperately need.  It won’t be enough to alleviate the drought, but every drop helps … Even the Helping Hands potluck and meeting had to be postponed because of icy roads.   Loretta Garrett did a wonderful job as hostess, and Gail McClard conducted her first meeting as our new president … Many of us in the hills even felt two earthquakes about a week apart, which is unusual up here.  Fortunately they were small, around 4.8, and no major damage reported … The Ladies Bible Study group was kept busy processing stamps and attending a very special surprise birthday party for one of our dearest friends, Gladys Karas, who turned 103.  Close to a dozen of her lady friends and Pastor Rod came to help her celebrate with her family, and even the bakers that created her birthday cake were AMAZED to hear of her milestone birthday.  She was genuinely surprised and enjoyed the festivities … God uses ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary plan …  Someone we all know and love recently lost her ring at church, and had many of us hunting for it, inside and outside.  She had been helping the hostess prepare snacks for later after the Sunday Morning Service, and apparently had been helping to mix the fruit salad.  After some careful searching, prayers were answered and her ring appeared in the bottom of the bowl of fruit.  She had even considered offering a reward for finding her ring which had special meaning to her.  Happily, Lesley Davison and her ring have been reunited … Twelve couples attended our annual Sweetheart Dinner held on the 26th.  The Strayers and their helpers decorated the Fellowship Hall in shades of red and pink, with hearts galore, flowers and soft lights.  Romantic music was provided by Pastor Rod and Isidro Bruno.  Many thanks to the Teen Mountain Ministry youth, including Bruno and Colleen, Anna and Lilly, for artfully serving the delicious meal which was lovingly prepared by Pastor Rod and his helpers, with scrumptious potluck side dishes and desserts provided by those attending.  Sure would love the recipe, provided by Gary Obosky, for the stuffed pork loin main dish.  It was overheard being said that, “It was the best Sweetheart Dinner we’ve had.” …  Later that same weekend, a large crowd attended our Supper and a Movie, and enjoyed leftovers from Friday’s dinner, while watching a presentation of “Final: The Rapture”.  The movie was powerfully disturbing and led to some discussion, namely how we should all be prepared … We don’t always know what our future holds, but we always know that God holds our future … For a chuckle, here are some quotes that actually appeared in church bulletins:  “Don’t let worry kill you off – let the Church help.” and  “For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we have a nursery downstairs.”  Thank you Kaysia Barr for your contributions.

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