Monday, January 2, 2017

Did You Know?... January 2017

Did You Know?...

January 2017


Thankfully, December brought us some much needed rain and snow.  Please continue to pray this trend continues and helps us out of our extreme drought situation …  The teens held their bake sale after the Sunday Service on the 11th, raising funds for the Teen Mountain Ministry.  The sale showcased their culinary talents and some sampling revealed some deliciously sweet treats.  Bruno reported that they raised over $290.00.  Congratulations to the group.  Also, a few minor mishaps may have occurred while the kids were painting ornaments, but thankfully the paint washed off, and everyone had a good time ... The Official Board members of Hilltop Chapel, their spouses and family met for their annual Christmas Dinner Party on the 11th at Twin Valleys.  Interestingly, the party began with re-arranging, and then again re-arranging most of the tables in the back room – sort of like a puzzle game.  Jon Lovewell and his helpers did a great job accommodating everyone – 18 in attendance.  Once everyone was settled in, Pastor began the pre-meal prayer, and (for the first time in his memory) was interrupted by another party loudly singing their rendition of ¯Happy Birthday ¯– so we all joined in and wished them well, and then finished our prayer.  Kathy Williamson then happily announced that she will be retiring from her job of 38 years with AT&T in just 8 days.  Congratulations go out to her and welcome to the retired club … Hilltop Chapel’s Christmas Party & Ornament Exchange was a huge success, and a wonderful way to start out the New Year – with a new prayer partner.  It’s always nice to know someone out there is thinking about you and praying for you … Even though many of us have been battling flu, colds and coughs most of the month, a few faithful and hardy souls with strong voices braved the chilly evening on the 19th and traveled up and down the hills singing Christmas carols to anyone who’d listen.  The Pinehurst Lodge and Barbara Hunter welcomed their arrival as did many others, even with hot chocolate … The ladies of Helping Hands gathered after the Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday the 20th, and prepared trays of cookies to be happily delivered to selected local residents and shut-ins.  Such a nice gesture and a welcome gift … The Christmas Sunday Worship Service was well attended – good to see so many of our neighbors here to celebrate the holiday together … As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, may we share with others the love He came to bring.  Let us love one another for love comes from God … Many of our Christian brothers and sisters gathered for a wonderful way to end the year with our annual New Year’s Eve Candlelight Service … Remember -- God without man is still God, but man without God is nothing … Here are some quotes that actually appeared in church bulletins:  “Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones.” & “Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles and other items to be recycled.  Proceeds will be used to cripple children.”  …  In the New Year, resolve to trust in the Lord, acknowledge God’s glory, praise him, thank Him for His guidance throughout this past year, and live for God no matter what.


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