Monday, January 2, 2017



Jan.    3     TUE  11:00 AM      Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  As we begin 2017,
                                                the ladies of Hilltop Chapel are looking forward to a
                                                challenging and rewarding experience.  They already have
                                                many projects in the works, among which is the Stamp
                                                Ministry.  Come out and join us at the church fellowship
                                                hall as we kick off the New Year!
Jan.    5     THU 7:00 PM       Deacons’ & Deaconesses’ Meeting.  The board will me at
                                                Kathy & Pascal Williamson’s and be gearing up for our
                                                annual meeting & election at the end of this month.  Lots
                                                of items on the agenda, so pray for the board members.
Jan.  10     TUE  5:00 PM       AWANA Club Meeting.  It’s been 3 weeks since the kids
                                                went on Christmas break, so their ready to go with lots of
                                                energy.  So, with perfect timing, we’re starting off with,
                                                wait for it: “Donut Night”.  Should be interesting.
Jan.  14     SAT  10:00 AM      Ladies’ Craft Day.  It’s a new year and the ladies will have
                                                lots of projects to tackle.  So, if you’re free and looking for
                                                a new challenge, stop by and join the fun.
Jan.  21     SAT   8:00 AM       Men’s Breakfast & Fellowship.  Our group is usually a
                                                little larger at this time of year.  A huge drop in outdoor
                                                projects and a desire for early morning comfort food tends
                                                to lead the guys our way.  And, we’re ready to oblige!  Come
                                                on by and join us.
Jan.  22     SUN   5:30 PM       Supper & A Movie.  At press time we’re still not sure which
                                                movie it will be, but we’re sure it will be worth watching, so
                                                put us on your calendars.
Jan.  29     SUN   1:00 PM       Annual Church Business Meeting & Election.  All members
                                                of Hilltop Chapel and anyone interested are invited to
                                                attend.  Please, be in prayer for this very important meeting.

NOTE:  Three memorial services will be held this month that affect our church:
Jan.  4  WED  10:00 AM         Pastor Jack McClure   Cutler Baptist Church  Cutler

Jan.  6  FRI     10:00 AM         Elderene Snodgrass     Smith Family Chapel    Exeter

Jan. 14 SAT    1:00 PM           Bud Todd       Dunlap School     Gym     Dunlap

For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454.

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