Sunday, February 5, 2017

DID YOU KNOW…  ? Febuary 2017


Have you broken any New Year’s resolutions yet?    We have been asking everyone to pray for some much needed rain here in California, but someone out there must have been praying OVERTIME.   The flood gates of Heaven have opened and thank you Lord for your gift of blessed rain.  We are officially out of the exceptional, extreme and severe drought categories, with just a few areas of California still in moderate drought.  January (one of the wettest in history) brought flash flood warnings, winter storm warnings, rock slides, debris flows into our swollen rivers and streams, and many, many feet of snow at the higher elevations in the Sierra Nevada range, much to the delight of the skiers.  The weather has kept our road crews very busy.  The storms have been coming one after another like a freight train, but we still need the rain and are thankful for the storms, more of which is predicted again the first and second weeks in February.  Keep your umbrellas, lifeboats and paddles handy … The ladies of Helping Hands met for their January potluck and business meeting that included the election of officers for 2017.  Gail McClard, Laura Bell-Gia, Donna Symons and Linda Riffel will serve on the Board.  We wish them well and a very successful year ahead … Our local communities suffered losses recently.  Bud Todd was a long-time resident of Miramonte, local historian, school principal, Commander and pilot in the Navy, as well as being active in the American Legion, Pinehurst Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations over his lifetime here in Miramonte.  His ‘Celebration of Life’ service was a testimony to his many contributions and the indelible mark he has left on his community.  Pastor Jack McClure pastored at Dunlap Baptist Church and was a strong and faithful Christian leader, often helping in the community whenever asked.  He will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him.  Elderene Snodgrass was a long-time and beloved resident of Badger, and her family gave a wonderful tribute to what a great and loving women she was.  Her friends and family will miss her greatly … Our Hilltop Chapel AWANA Club has been successfully ministering to many children weekly after school as they are presented with the truth and light of the Gospel message.  Just a sample of the special theme nights this month have been “Donut Night”, “Pajama Night”, “Crazy Hat Night” and “Backward Night”.  The kids have a lot of fun playing games while they are learning and interacting together in a safe environment.  Anyone interested in bringing their children to the AWANA Club meetings can contact Lesley Davison, Christian Education Supt.    The Men’s Breakfast this month was postponed a week due to snow, but a faithful 14 men attended this monthly fellowship and enjoyed sharing a devotion and a delicious breakfast … We ended the month with our Annual Church Business Meeting and Election.  Ivan Strayer, Kathy Williamson, Jon Lovewell, Terri Brown, Lesley Davison, Kaysia Barr, Linda Riffel and Donna Symons all agreed to return to their Board positions.  Congratulations to you all … Parents mark your calendars:  On Sunday, February 5th, Hilltop Chapel’s ‘KID’S CHURCH’ begins during the regularly scheduled Sunday Service for K thru 5th grades, to be held in the Fellowship Hall.  This will be led by Isidro and Colleen Bruno and alternately by Jon and Amira Lovewell, and assisted by the teens.  We’re all excited about this new venture and other couples are invited to assist.

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