Wednesday, May 24, 2017


5/2       TUE    11:00 AM       Helping Hands BLT at Evangel Home.  Our ladies, for the first time                                                      in several years, are returning to Evangel Home for a BLT (Bite of                                                       Lunch and Tour).  We’ll spend some time meeting with Gerre                                                               Brenneman and the staff, learning about the different programs                                                           offered by Evangel Home, for the homeless women of the Fresno area                                                   and their children.  We’ll tour the kitchen, classrooms, apartments,                                                     Garden (alternative sentencing house),  and day care center.  Then, we                                                 will enjoy lunch with the staff and current residents.  It’s a real eye-                                                       opener, so come on out and join us!
5/4       THU     6:00 PM        National Day of Prayer Service at Bear Mountain Library.  All the                                                               Churches represented by the Mountain Ministerial Association will be                                                          participating in this event.  If you cherish our country’s stated values and                                                    Christian heritage,
                                                it’s time to pray, asking God to intervene and draw us back to Him.
                          7:30 PM        Deacons’ & Deaconesses’ Meeting.  We’re meeting, this month, at the                                                         home of Pascal & Kathy Williamson.  The deacons & deaconesses are                                                         those who have been chosen to lead us in spiritual and scriptural matters.                                                      Theirs’ is an awesome responsibility, so please keep them in prayer.
5/14     SUN      8:00 AM        Mother’s Day Breakfast at Central Sierra Chamber of Commerce.  It’s                                                         always great to start Mother’s Day with a good breakfast “under your belt”!                                                 The folks at the “chamber” are happy to welcome one and all to enjoy a                                                       delicious breakfast and time of fellowship at the chamber building on Hwy.                                                 245, just south of Pinehurst. 
                        11:00 AM        Mother’s Day Worship Service.  It’s always a great day when our mothers
                                                once again enjoy the spotlight at Hilltop Chapel.  Bring your moms, wives,
                                                grandmas and great grandmas for worship and special attention focused on
                                                them and all they’ve done for us over the years.  And, don’t forget your
5/16     TUE      5:00 PM        Final AWANA Club Meeting for 2017.  Tonight is “Parents’ Night” and is
                                                our last meeting for this school year.  The “clubbers” have had a great year
                                                and progressed in their study of the Bible and memorizing of key verses. 
                                                Once again, Lesley Davison and her staff (teachers, assistants and helpers),
                                                have done an excellent job of giving the children a well rounded program
                                                that challenges them spiritually, mentally, and physically (games are always
                                                a high point of each meeting).  We hope all parents and family members
                                                will join us for supper and our closing ceremonies.
5/18     THU     7:00 PM        Official Board Meeting.  The official board will meet in the Fellowship
                                                Hall to discuss the ongoing work of Hilltop Chapel and projects that are
                                                necessary to the smooth operation of our services and upkeep of our
5/20     SAT       8:00 AM        Men’s Breakfast & Fellowship.  Hope all the guys will join us!
                        10:00 AM        Ladies’ Craft Day.  Bring your projects and have fun!
5/28     SUN    11:00 AM        Memorial Day Worship Service.  Join us as we honor our fallen, wounded,
                                                MIA’s and POW’s from all branches of the military.  Without their                                                             sacrifice and that of all their comrades in arms we would not be living free                                                   today!


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