Friday, September 8, 2017

Did You Know?... Sept. 2017 

Did You Know?...

Sept. 2017 

With each sunrise, we start anew … On August 2, Helping Hands ladies met “in the cool pines” at Penny Burgin’s Wilsonia cabin for our monthly potluck and meeting with Bible Study.  We all enjoyed the fellowship, delicious food, and cooler temperatures … Dr. Jim Cecy, Senior Pastor at the Campus Bible Church in Fresno, was our guest speaker on the 6th.  He provided us with simpler ways we can successfully share our faith more easily with others.  “God loves to use ordinary people in extraordinary ways in the most unusual of circumstances!” …  As Pastor Rod and Lesley were out of town attending a wedding, Isidro Bruno was our guest speaker on the 13th.  In answer to the question – Are you where you are supposed to be? -- Bruno provided us with a Spiritual Christian Checklist.   1.  Christ – what’s our relationship with Jesus Christ?  2.  Connection – Our go-to network people.   3.  Community – “Me too” group, Men’s/Women’s groups.  4.  Counsel – Preventative maintenance, who counsels you?  4.  Coaching – Who supports you to win the race and become a champion for Christ.  …  We lost one of God’s very best and faithful servants in August.  Mel Schellenberg was loved and cherished by so many people and his Celebration of Life was well attended at the Mennonite Brethren Church in Kingsburg.  His wife, Adeline Schellenberg, would like to send everyone a heartfelt thank you for your love, caring and prayers on their behalf.  Thank you also for the delicious food and the gracious help you provided.  Melvin’s life was inspiring, he touched so many and embodied a life well spent for God.  Bless you all … The Teen Mountain Ministry youth participated in a Fresno Food Distribution in August, and were inspired and anxious to do it again next year … At our monthly Supper and a Movie, the film “Decision” was shown, highly recommended and much enjoyed …  Hilltop Chapel’s first Baptism Class was held on the 30th and it looks like we could have at least 6 candidates for Baptism, so bring a picnic lunch and plan to attend our Annual Baptism at Hume Lake on September 10th at 2 PM.  …  Please pray for the people in the gulf states tragically impacted by the extreme storm and catastrophic flooding, with a lengthy recovery process ahead of them … As we close out the month of August, our Central California area is experiencing extreme heat warnings and advisories with many days of triple digits, as well as poor air quality with thick smoke from multiple expanding wildfires in every direction.  Many thanks to the brave firefighters willing to battle these blazes during this heatwave, and our prayers go out to all those families evacuated from their homes due to the fires … When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on … Mark your calendars plan to attend the Evangel Home and Christians in Action Banquets in September.  Be saving your special items and plan to attend our Harvest Dinner and Auction on October 15th … Remember that a good example is the best sermon … As you are shopping, be thinking about small items to include in our Operation Christmas Child gift boxes.  Pack an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and give local churches around the world an effective tool for evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication.  Our church kickoff will be on Sunday, October 1st and collection of all our gift boxes for distribution will be by Sunday November 19th.  Good News – Great Joy!  Learn more at  … Enjoy the little things – there are so many of them!

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