Friday, September 8, 2017

Sept, Upcoming Events

Sept.   5        TUE    11:00 AM  Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck (Postponed due to kitchen                                                               repair).
Sept.  7         THU     7:00 PM  Deacons’ & Deaconesses’ Meeting.  Our meeting this month will be held                                         at the home of Kathy & Pascal Williamson.  Please pray for our board
                                                   members as there are many things to be dealt with this month.
Sept. 10        SUN      2:00 PM  Baptism at Hume Lake.  Our annual Hilltop Chapel baptismal                                                               service
                                                   will be held at Sandy Cove on Hume Lake.  If you’ve never attended
                                                   one of our baptismal services, it’s really worth the effort.  We have 7
                                                   candidates for baptism this year and every one has committed to                                                             living a life that is pleasing to God in every way.  What a blessing to                                                       all of us!
Sept.  11       MON   6:00  PM  Evangel Home Banquet.  For 62 years Evangel Home has been                                                              meeting the needs of homeless women and children of Fresno with                                                      God’s love, grace and mercy.  And, they take no federal money,                                                            depending only on donations
                                                   from churches and private donations from people like you 7 me.  
Sept.  12       TUE    11:00 AM  Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  The ladies will be meeting, this
                                                   month at Hilltop Chapel.  The meeting, scheduled for Sept. 5, had                                                        to be postponed due to kitchen repair, which should be completed in                                                    time for this meeting.  Come join us!
Sept.  15-17              FRI-SUN   Women’s Retreat at Hartland Christian Camp.  The ladies all tell us
                                                   that this is a date they circle on the calendar every year, it’s that                                                            good!
                                                   There’s still time to sign up so make your plans today.
Sept.  16       SAT       8:00 AM  Combined Men’s Breakfast & Seminar.  Isidro Bruno will be coordinating
                                                   the event which will include men from 5 churches in our local area.  The
                                                   guys will be meeting at Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall for a hearty                                                                  breakfast, then, by video, our guest speaker.  You won’t want to miss this                                                        exciting opportunity.
Sept. 19       TUE    4:30 PM    AWANA Club Kickoff Meeting.  It’s back into action again for our                                                                  AWANA
                                                   Clubbers and we’re looking for another great year (#11).  We’ve got some
                              great teachers and leaders and know your child will be blessed by the
                              experience.  And, bring some kids from your neighborhood.
Sept. 21       THU   6:00 PM    Christians in Action Banquet at Tornino’s.  This fine missionary outreach
                                                   is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary this year!  Let’s join with them as they
                                                   mark this amazing, God anointed milestone.
Sept.  24       SUN    5:30 PM    Supper & A Movie.  This month’s movie is titled “God’s Country”.  With
                                                   faith and love, it’s never to late to find where real riches can be found!

REMINDER:           Two upcoming events for October—the 1st happens on October 1st.  Samaritan’s
                                 Purse kicks off its Operation Christmas Child outreach, with a video and gift box
                                 hand out.  Millions of these packed gift (shoe) boxes have been given to needy
                                 children around the world over the past 20 years.  Join us as we give this Christmas!
                                 October 15th is our annual Harvest Dinner & Auction, the proceeds of which go to

                                 selected missionaries from our 4 mission outreaches.  It’s great fun, so come join us.

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